conflict between 2 different versions MLAgent

I have a conflict between 2 different versions MLAgent. In my assests I have a mlAgents from tutorial Karts, and try to install a new version trough the package manager. This generate an error because, it says that there is a two Academy scripts. How do I setup the new one?


I have the same issue. There was a ML-Agent C# part 0.13.1 version copy in the Karting -> ML_Agents folder. I deleted that copy and installed 0.15.1 by package manager, but still had error messages said missing MLAgents. Copy 0.15.1 files into ML_Agents folder directly didn't work too. Does anyone know how to solve this?

I'll send this over to the team for them to have a look.

Thanks! Waiting for the solution. :)

Hi all,
Please do not copy the ML-Agents folder from 0.15.1 into the project. It is in the form of a package now and should be installed through the local package install instructions. There may be incompatibilities between versions. You will need to manually make changes to the ml-kart code to make this work. You may also need to delete the Library folder in the Unity project to make sure any previously compiled assemblies are not corrupted.