Conflict between AndroidNative library and android Manifest

Hey guys. I’m working on a project and I’ve just updated Unity to last version (2017.2.0).

Alas now I got an issue from Ultimate Mobile Asset. Previously the project was working, now it seems Ultimate Mobile android native libraries ask for Target Api version 26, while the highest unity API version is the 25. Is there any way to solve this?

I tried this installing ultimate mobile into an empty project and I get the same errors.
On PlayerSettings → Other Settings → Target Api Level I set Automatic (highest installed)

The error I receive are just the same:

Temp\StagingArea\AndroidManifest-main.xml:3, C:\VersionControl\UnityProjects\Ultimate Empty Project\Temp\StagingArea\android-libraries\androidnative\AndroidManifest.xml:3] Main manifest has but library uses targetSdkVersion=‘26’

I got exactly same problem. I got reply from Unity team that latest sdk will automatically be used if automatic (highest installed) is set in player settins

You need to go to android studio and using sdk manager install latest sdk and make sure you can build for version 26 in android (then you know sdk for version O installed).

After that you should be able to compile in unity without problems.