Confused about accessing a classes methods

Hello All.

I thought I understood this but I think I might be confused. Normally if I want to use a classe’s methods I would just write something like myObject.WhateverMethodFromClass(); but i notice that when i do that with objects of certain classes the methods from the api don’t show up. With those classes if i don’t use the object and just type the class with a period at the end then all the methods from the class appear. Also with an object from any class putting the period after the object seems to always bring up a different list of methods than putting a period after the name of a class. Does anyone know how this works? lol Thanks in advance!!


Lets say you instantiate an Object from the class WebCamTexture. You could say

WebCamTexture myTex = new WebCamtexture();

when you put a period after any object a list of available methods pops up
for example i might use

which is an available method from the WebCamTexture class
But I’ve noticed while coding that objects from certain classes won’t work this way, and won’t let you access the methods by putting a period after the object. Also typing WebCamTexture with a period at the end in monoDevelop and then typing a period at the end of an object that you make from WebCamTexture will bring you two different lists of methods. Im just wondering why this happens.