Confused about one part of inheriting function from another objects script

OK I get that this works, I use it…

void Death () { 
		GameObject paddleObject = GameObject.Find("paddle");
		PaddleScript paddleScript = paddleObject.GetComponent<PaddleScript>();	

But what I dont get is the first part of the second line, “PaddleScript paddleScript =”

What the hell is PaddleScript? I never call it. I only use paddleScript. What is the first part? I’m so confused by this.

You are declaring a variable called paddleScript, it’s type is PaddleScript which is the name of a file (and class) in your project.

It’s just like int - means integer:

 int i = 5;

The PaddleScript paddleScript = line is getting a reference to an instance of that class which is attached to the object called “paddle”

In Unity this isn’t “inheritance” it’s “composition” so your “paddle” object will have a bunch of classes attached to it and the way you get access to them is GetComponent.

PaddleScript is a component on the paddleObject. If you have a gameobject called paddleobject selected and if you were to go to the inspector and add a component, and that component was a script and named it PaddleScript. Then you went to the top of the inspector and tagged that object with the tag “paddle”. Then the first line would get you a reference to the paddleobject. The second line would get you a reference to the PaddleScript component on that paddle object.

PaddleScript is a class or a datatype ( a blue print for an object). Which when instantiated is an object.