confused about volume settings

i feel pretty stupid as i cant get my hdrp scene to work properly
for my scene i only want to use linear fog(in volume settings)
and reflections/ambient light from reflection probes.(i dont want to use a sky as its a indoor scene)
however, i cant get simple fog to work and my reflection probes seem to do nothing.
i must be missing something.
anyone, guide me a bit please ;)

got fog working by adding the visual environment component.
...still dont get ambient lighting from the reflection probes

Ambient lighting comes from a sky or a sky color. You can add a Gradient sky to the stack and change all three colors to be the same and also apply it as a baking sky and that will give you your ambient lighting.

If you didn’t know you can create a premade/setup scene settings from
GameObject → Rendering - > Scene Settings
Right-click in the Hierarchy → Rendering → Scene Settings
then go from there

Otherwise, you can use an HDRI map for ambient lighting, either an indoor one that matches your scene or if you have/create one that’s a solid color that you want your ambient lighting to be.

tnx for explaining. to bad i cant get ambient lighting from reflection probes. ill try custom hdri

No problem
Reflection probes are only for capturing the scene and displaying it as a reflection on objects

Hello, I'm using HDRP version 7.3, I can't find the baking script. Where can I find it, please?