Connect Server on Unity Multiplay Service

Hi guys,
I just build a headless linux app and up to Unity Game Server Hosting (Multiplay). But when I copy a server IP + port and connect on client it not working.
Anyone have solutions for this, please share with me.
thank you

Hi Vincent,

  1. Is there any particular reason why you're connecting directly and not through a matchmaker?
  2. What do you mean by "it's not working"? Are there errors?
  3. Have you added the right parameters in the usage settings of the multiplay build configuration? (doc)

If you think you did everything correctly, you can open a support ticket through the Unity dashboard

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  1. I’m not use matchmaker, but I think Multiplay need matchmaker to work, right?
  2. My client just show can’t connect to server and in Multiplay dashboard just show crash
  3. Yes, I just follow this doc step by step, but I use default launch parameters and add -nographics -batchmode
  1. As far as I know It’s not mandatory but it helps. I’d recommend to double check by opening a ticket.
  2. What about the port numbers parameters? Did you add them as well?