Connect to MySQL Database with Unity using Hamachi

Hey everyone. I want to know if it is possible to connect to a database with a client poiting to my MySQL database via Hamachi or something. The problem by using the normal IP is that my IP is shared between all the network users(called via radio network) and that’s totaly uncool. So where my ‘server’ in the connection parameter should point to? My Hamachi account or my normal IP? Could you provide me some help with this?
Also in my configuration file in MySQL, what would be the IP in the case of a connection with Hamachi? The normal one or the Hamachi IP?

I’ll be so thankful!

Thanks from now!

You do not need to have hamachi to connect to a SQL database. Simply host some php files on the server that recieve varibles you want to send to the database, you can then have them connect and return the results. Use the WWWForm class to send the variables to the .php and recieve anything that is ‘echo’ in php using the command.