Connect to remote private IP

First of all, thanks to anyone who reads this and attempts to help me, it is really appreciated ^^

Second, the actual question: Is there a way to manually connect (Nework.Connect()) to a server (directly to the computer, not its router) if we happen to have the public IP of its router AND the private IP assigned by the router of the server via a custom build master server that saves public IP, private IP and the port of each servers.

I know a NAT facilitor kinda does that, but im trying to stay away from those, since unity’s official masterserver and facilitor pretty much never work like intended

tl;dr : How to connect to a specific server with its router IP, its port and its private IP (assigned by the router). Thanks!


The host will have to forward the port they are hosting on in their router settings.

the client will then be able to connect to the host’s public IP on the forwarded port.