connect to server

I want to add multiplayer to my game and already have a server set up with It works perfectly fine when I connect from a node.js client, but I didn’t manage to connect with unity yet.

I tried all the libraries I could find, but they either didn’t connect or didn’t even load because of double type definitions like GitHub - floatinghotpot/ client for Unity, power game client with node.js back-end

it would be great if someone could give me something that works with the current latest unity and

Have you try this Socket.IO for Unity | Network | Unity Asset Store ? Its free and powerfull… You can try the example SocketIO/Scenes/SocketIOTest and example server is on SocketIO/server/ Extract and run the server first so you can run the example scene.

Don’t use this package. Because IL2cpp backend script compile not supported. Google disable mono backend.