Connect with a Service Account and impersonate another player to use other services SDK (Lobby, ...)


With the C# SDK, it is possible to authenticate with a Service Account ? If so, is it possible to impersonate another player ? For example to update a Lobby data as this player.

I would like to use a Service Account on the server build of the game and perform operation on other services (like Lobby and Matchmaker) as the player that started the game session.

It seems possible to do that with the REST API, but it would be nice if the C# SDK support that too.


We have plans to support it in our SDKs but no estimate at this point.

For now, you can perform the rest api call using a unity web request directly.

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More information on the service account token exchange here:

This will grant an access token that can work with many of our services. But you will also need to call these services through rest apis to be able to pass this token

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