Connecting and using a bluetooth gyroscope with an android device

Hi there,

I recently purchased a bluetooth gyroscope, details of which including a manual which gives info on the serial communication protocol can be found here:
Bluetooth Gyroscope product details.
The link to the manual is the second bottom link at the end of the product description.
Do you have any ideas on how to program Unity to communicate with the bluetooth gyroscope on an android device and use the data within Unity?

I’ve been able to connect to the gyroscope with my android phone and use the supplied app to view the gyroscope data so I reckon it should be possible I just don’t have much experience in this area so I’m not sure where to start.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Hi, did you solve this issue?

Hi there @anycolourulike,

I did but encountered further issues which led to me developing native android/iOS apps (ie not using Unity). The problem was if the phone is put into standby mode the bluetooth connection is lost and so needs to be reconnected every time the phone is unlocked. This was unacceptable for the purposes of the app I was developing.

This was a unity issue at the time but things may have changed since.

Looking at the assets I purchased, I believe I was able to communicate with the bluetooth device using this asset: