Connecting multiple platforms to one server

My big plan was to create a multi-player real-time third person game that has multiple operating systems connected to it.
Currently I have not looked into any sort of networking but I was just curious if it would even be possible to hook up, let’s say a Windows PC, a Mac PC, an Android phone and iOS, to the same server and still achieve the same functionality.

I’m not including any consoles on this thou.

I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t be possible. To the game on any operating system, all that is being transferred over teh internets is just 0s and 1s. They don’t care if the bits are from a PC or an android mobile, though I have heard some grumbling about bits being sent from XBOXes, so you might be correct in excluding consoles.

The network will be able to connect the clients to the server. Even if they are different builds. The different platforms shouldn’t really make a difference.