Connecting split and random animations to correct audio

I have little experience with unity but am from animation background and am building app. I have a animation I have split into 10 animations ( first.....tenth) and have made a GUI button randomly trigger them. My problem is how to get the split animations connected with their respective audio files, so that for example, when the fourth animation plays it also plays the fourth audio file. I am sure it must be very simple but I cant work it out. heres what i have so far

var customButton : GUIStyle; var testanims = new Array("first","second","third","fourth","fifth","sixth","seventh","eighth","ninth","tenth");

function OnGUI() { if(GUI.Button(Rect(250,0,600,1000),"test",customButton)) { animation.CrossFade(testanims[Random.Range(0,testanims.length)]);

} }

Thanks richardzzzarnold

You just need to tell it to play the appropriate AudioClip.

//A class to pair the animations and sounds together
//You could use a second array with the same index or a 2D array if you like.
class AnimSoundGroup extends System.Object {
    var anim : String;
    var sound : AudioClip;

    function AnimSoundGroup(a : String) {
        anim = a;

    function AnimSoundGroup(a : String, s : AudioClip) {
        anim = a;
        sound = s;

//This is visible in the inspector this way
var testanims : AnimSoundGroup[] = [AnimSoundGroup("first"),
        AnimSoundGroup("second"), AnimSoundGroup("third"),
        AnimSoundGroup("fourth"), AnimSoundGroup("fifth"),
        AnimSoundGroup("sixth"), AnimSoundGroup("seventh"),
        AnimSoundGroup("eighth"), AnimSoundGroup("ninth"),
var customButton : GUIStyle;

function OnGUI() {
    if(GUI.Button(Rect(250,0,600,1000),"test",customButton)) {
        var animSoundGroup : AnimSoundGroup = 
        if(animSoundGroup.sound) audio.PlayOneShot(animSoundGroup.sound);

If you don't want to store the audio clip as part of an object like I did here or in a second array or something, you would need some convention to get the audio clip like using Resources.Load() and having a standardized path that uses your animation name to indicate the sound.