Connecting to custom Master Server over the internet

Hi everyone,

I’ve successfully got the Master Server running on my computer, and I’m able to connect to it from my local computers in the LAN. No problems there, but when I try to connect to it over the internet, say at my friend’s house, then I get nothing. I’ve tried everything, and I seem to be hitting my head against a brick wall.

So it’s running at the default port 23466. Now I’ve gone into my router’s settings and set up port forwarding for TCP and UDP connections to 23466 to the local IP address of my computer where the server is.

Now this seems like it’d be enough, but when I go and test it out with the Unity networking example, I add in the code:

MasterServer.ipAddress = "X.X.X.X";
MasterServer.port = 23466;

Where “X.X.X.X” is my public IP address. And so I try it on my computer to see if it will connect to the master server, and all I get is the error:

Failed to connect to master server at X.X.X.X:23466

I’ve done everything I can think of, set up port forwarding, disable firewalls, and nothing seems to be working. If anyone has gone through a similar issue, or knows how to deal with this kind of stuff, I’d really appreciate the help!

Have you managed to find any solutions yet? Thank you.