Connecting two meshes.

I am trying to create a driving game where the road is completely random. I need to be able to add different road models to the current road during runtime to make it random. So, for starters, I have two road models already modeled - they each have three pieces - “Start”, “Middle”, and “End”. My idea for connecting two meshes was to take the “End” piece of the first road, and instantiate the second road there - so I would basically be connecting the “Start” of Road2 to the “End” of Road1. This is not working however. Any help on how to do this properly?

Basically, how do I connect two meshes during runtime???

You can stay high level and not touch the meshes I guess. Maybe parent the road with an empty game object, make sure it’s position is one the connect point, then you just have to move those parents, parentsA.position = parentA.position and they should snap nicely.

If you want to merge two meshes though, that more difficult. I’m not sure I can be of much help here.