Connecting UGS with Snowflake


I would like to know if it's posible to connect UGS with Swowflake, so all the data that I am sending from my client side to UGS can then be send to our Snowflake and match it with our Backend data, being able to cross client & backend data from our users.


Thanks for reaching out with this question.

It is indeed possible to connect UGS with Snowflake. This feature is called "Data Access" and you can find the documentation for setting that up here:

The key things you'll need to use this feature are:

  • A Snowflake account you created, independent of Unity
  • A Snowflake sharing key (account locator)
  • The cloud provider and region of your Snowflake account (currently only GCP EU-WEST4 or GCP US-CENTRAL1 are supported)
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Hey Phil!

Thank you for your fast answer.

Relating to Analytics UGS - Pay As You Go model. Will I be charged for connecting UGS to Snowflake?

Will I be charged if I do execute all the queries on my Snowflake side? I'm asking this because there is a 2000 query seconds per month free plan, but I suppose that It only applies on queries that are being ran in the UGS dashboard, isn't it?

How to link with Snowflake? The doumenation seems to be out of date.