Connection OK, ViewID OK on one host but not another?

OK I'm getting a weird behavior that doesn't make sense to me. I've got my webplayer up at I can host a game pretty much anywhere without issue. (Game Mode->Multi Player->Host Game) and connect to it fine. However I'm up at my parents place today and decided to test it out. The game detects that it needs NAT punchthrough and enables it. The client can connect OK (tested with another webplayer and in the Editor), however, I get these two errors:

View ID SceneID: 9 Level Prefix: 0 not found during lookup. Strange behavior may occur.

Couldn't invoke RPC function 'NetworkLoadLevel' because the networkView 'SceneID: 9 Level Prefix: 0' doesn't exist.

Now obviously I know what this means, however I don't know why it is happening only when I host a game on this network. Any ideas?


Im curious about this error. What exactly does "not found at look up mean"? I have gotten that error as well.


I'm glad someone else has this error and I'm not doing something completely stupid.