Console does not Debug.Log - all 3 Icons are activated

Hey guys, I have a little problem with my script, it seems to be impossible to let my first step of an Gravitationsystem Debug.Log the testmessage so that I can see that the Raycast between my Planet and the Player is working.
Becouse nothing is showing up I cant test it.
here you have the code:

var Player : GameObject;
var Planet : GameObject;

var hit : RaycastHit;
var ray : Ray;

function Update() {
    Raycast = GraviRay = new Ray(Planet.transform.position, Player.transform.position);

    if (GraviRay == true){
        Debug.Log("Gravitation activated");


Any help for the Script would be good.
And btw… my 3 icons on the upper right of the console are marked. So that would not be the problem.

You should see 2 errors at least.

Raycast and GraviRay are being used as variables, but they are not declared anywhere.

Maybe you wanted something like this instead:

    ray = new Ray(Planet.transform.position, Player.transform.position);
    if (Physics.Raycast(ray)){
        Debug.Log("Gravitation activated");