Console not working

Hi everyone, I am very vary new in Unity, trying to learn coding, and i am using JavaScript. Well I am facing one problem with the console! it’s not showing output, like normal print(); things, I just wrote one small test code by using Notepad++. Here is the code using JavaScript.

Function update (){
    Var ammoBox= 10;

But after hit the run button it’s not showing anything, don’t know where the problem is! I am not sure that whether any graphic card or driver problem? Or something els. It will be really nice if someone tell me that what do from here or how I will fix this problem…

There are errors in the code, so the script will not compile and run. Watch your spelling, code is case-sensitive. You should be able to see the errors at least. If not, make sure the console filter buttons are enabled.

function Update ()
    var ammoBox = 10;