Constant crashes in Unity 5.2.1 on OSX El Capitan

Unity keeps force closing on me and I really can’t work out why. This happens on new projects, old projects, projects downloaded from the asset store, etc. It happens most often when saving or switching scenes and building the game. I think I’ve submitted 50+ bug reports now, but I thought I’d post on here just to make it more known. It isn’t an issue with memory - the same thing has happened on both my 2011 Macbook Air (which made me think that was the issue) and my brand new 2015 Macbook Pro. Is anyone else having this problem?

I am using 5.2.3f1 on OSX 10.11.1 and I am experiencing the same issue. Crashing very often with high CPU usage. I have a Macbook Pro Mid-2015.

Did you find a solution? Thanks.

There is a patch version 5.1.2p1 in which they have fixed this bug, as they say in fixes list:

OS X: Fixed building on OS X El Capitan.