Constant scrolling camera along x

I know this is probably simple but I can't get mine to work!

var move = 5;
var myCam : Camera;

function LateUpdate () { 
    move *= Time.deltaTime;
    myCam.transform.position.x += move;

I want the camera to keep scrolling along the x axis.

thanks - c

You've made "move" an integer, which won't work. Even if you made it a float, making it multiply itself by Time.deltaTime each frame would make it smaller and smaller. Also, since you're using the transform component rather than the camera component, it's faster to reference that directly. Generally using transform.Translate for relative movement is better for this sort of thing since it would always work no matter how the camera is oriented. You'd want this instead:

var moveSpeed = 5.0;
var myCam : Transform;

function LateUpdate () { 
    myCam.Translate(Vector3.right * Time.deltaTime * moveSpeed);