Constant Yield Time

So I’ve currently got a game set up which calls a function via fixed update for a simple yield WaitForSeconds(1) for the reload time.

Now when I launch it on a very fast computer on the lowest settings, the reload time is much shorter than launching it on a slow computer on the max settings.

How do I go about having a constant reload time?


You will most likely never get same results on those two edge-case scenarios.

The way i do reload is:

float reloadDoneIn = 0;

void StartReload() {
	reloadDoneIn = 1.0;
void Update() {
	if(reloadDoneIn>0) {
		if(reloadDoneIn<=0) {

This gives me more control, might be cleaner and more reliable than yield WaitForSeconds.
And it does exactly the same thing.