ConstantForce not producing movement

alt texti added constant force to my player (a sphere) but when i edit the force values it has n effect on the player, i also tried adding values in the script, no luck. please help.

Try turning Is Kinematic off in the inspector - it means your Rigidbody won’t be affected by physics if set to on, which is what you have in the screen capture.

Thanks, that’s very helpful, at least i have some kind of result now! the player who has constant force is still static but now the bullets firing at him are going up in the air! i will try to understand.

Ok it turns out the character controller physics overrides the other physics, so you have to code something from scrath or make 2 modes, one which turns off the caracter controller whenyour doody starts to fly.

Now the “Character_Controller” is preventing the constant force from working, it only moves when i delete the character controller. will have to reasearch what is up… brb

The character controller script that comes with Unity is more suited for Doom-style movement or FPS shooter games. It is not set up for realistic physical behavior.

You need to decide what will control your character - physical forces, in which case you turn off isKinematic and apply forces to the rigidbody, or if you control the character through altering its Transform in script, in which case you set isKinematic to true.

You can mix the two systems, but it will require a good knowledge of scripting and of the differences between them to make it work.