Constantly checking OnCollisionStay

This does not work unless the rigidbody is actively moving. It is like it is not tested contantly. How can that be done - and how should i fix the problem?

void OnCollisionStay (Collision collision)
     if(collision.rigidbody.mass > 3f)
          Destroy (gameObject);

Hi Once try with this code

void OnCollisionStay(Collision clsn)
		Debug.Log("Clsn"+   this.gameObject);
		if(this.gameObject.rigidbody.mass  > 0.9f)

You might try setting the rigidbody to Continuous … whatever option that is. There’s a dropdown.

You might also try OnCollisionEnter. Since you’re destroying (and that can only happen once per object), it should have the same effect.

You probably also want to be sure there’s a rigidbody on the object with this script attached.