Constructing levels by tiles, good idea or disaster waiting to happen?

What I have done is created five or six different sets of 2x2 2x1 floor tiles and 2x1 2x2 2x3 & 2x4 wall tiles with and without door openings in the Blender modeling software for use in my Unity3D game (1st Image). My plan is to piece these tiles together to create a playable level for my game (2nd Image), but I wasn’t sure if this is a good idea or a disaster waiting to happen down the road. Is there some way in which this will likely backfire on me? I am new to Unity and game creation in general and am trying to figure out the most efficient way to create a consistent environment, spacing, etc. I am used to level editors which commonly use this method, but I’m sure the pros that develop those have already spent countless hours working out the kinks. Seems to be working quite well at the moment, but I know that this stuff can come crashing down quickly if early planning is flawed. Thanks for the input!

Level Tiles:

alt text

Level Created:

alt text

Seems fine to me. Where you run into trouble is a single huge model, which can’t be viewport culled.

For a quick test, layout a few thousand of them and check frame rate. Turn that last picture into a prefab, and drag in many of them close by. Drag 3 of those together, make that a larger prefab, and drag in many of those… . You can quickly have thousands of them that way.