Continous error log of sysTypeDispatchData.klass == klass

In our current project, we often get the following error spammed continuously:

Assertion failed on expression: 'sysTypeDispatchData.klass == klass'
UnityEngine.ObjectDispatcher:DispatchTypeChangesAndClear (System.Type,System.Action`1<UnityEngine.TypeDispatchData>,bool,bool)
Unity.PolySpatial.Internals.ObjectDispatcherProxy:DispatchTypeChangesAndClear (System.Type) (at /Users/bokken/build/output/unity/quantum/Packages/com.unity.polyspatial/Runtime/InternalBridge/BridgeUtils.cs:205)
UnityEditor.EditorApplication:Internal_CallUpdateFunctions ()

After recompiling it usually disappears until the next time we press play.

Any hint on what that could be?

It looks like someone is calling type dispatch on a class that hasn’t been registered for tracking or that the type being checked is mismatched to what is expected. Unfortunately, without a repro project I’m not sure I can tell you any more.

If you can file a bug with a minimal repro project and post the bug id here (IN-XXXXX) we can take a look and see.

Thank you for looking into this @joejo.

Submitted bug report with our current test project: IN-69394

Hope that will help.

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We’re still looking into this, but for now try this:

Go to Project Settings → PolySpatial
Set PolySpatial Project Validation to Disabled

Then see if you get the errors.

@joejo We just tested, disabling project validation indeed removes the error log, thank you!

We noticed that in this project we shared, the play-to-device often only works the very first time the editor is opened. Afterward, we never manage to get it to work again.

Other projects we have (without Photon Fusion inside) seem not to have this issue.

Are you able to observe the same behaviour with play-to-device (v1.0.3)

I believe that is a known issue we are tracking and working on internally, but I have no eta on that work at this time.

I’ve let the team responsible for the validation issue know that this fixed it for you. They are looking into this issue.

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