Continue audio during a scene change??

I tried everything I found and nothing has worked so far. I just have a simple audio clip playing and need it to keep paying during the scene change. I won’t need it again after its done. I don’t need anything else fancy like having another clip start up again, just a simple script to keep this audio with me during the change.

And maybe have everything turn black for like 2 seconds during the change to?? I don’t need to bring anything else over expect the audio. Any ideas??


I was also looking for an answer to this question, and came up with these previous questions on the same topic:

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Seems to be that this isn’t possible without Pro, but several possibilities have been offered in the above links. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

If the previous links did not help hopefully this should. Essentially you need to persist a gameObject when loading your new scene. This should help Persist gameObject