Continueing music after un-pausing

I want music to continue after un-pausing from where it stopped when you first paused. my script so far:

var nextSong1 : int = 0;
var myPlaylist1 : AudioClip;

function Update() { 
        if ( Input.GetKeyDown("p") ){       // 'p' has been pressed
        PlayNextSong1();                  // play the next song
function PlayNextSong1 () {
   if ( audio.isPlaying )   {           // if there is audio playing
      audio.Pause();                    // stop it
    audio.clip = myPlaylist1;           // set the audio clip to the next in the array
    audio.Play();                       // start the 'nextSong' playing
    if (audio.Pause )   {           // if there is audio playing

what can i do?

You can save and restore your audio position with "`AudioSource.time`".

Hope this helps.

I know this is an old thread, but I came across this issue too and am using mp3’s to save space. I happen to instantiate an audio prefab and have multiple music/background sources, so I found it convenient to simply stuff the time value into the AudioSource (a in this case) localScale transform for safe keeping since the scale of a lone AudioSource GameObject is meaningless and I didn’t want to create some additional storage for this silly thing. Something like:

				if (mute) {
					a.Pause ();
					a.transform.localScale = new Vector3(a.time,0,0);
				} else {
					a.Play ();
					a.time = a.transform.localScale.x;

I’m using Unity 5.3.4f1 and the following (UnPause) makes the music resume at the point where it was paused. I use mp3s for my songs and the following is in Javascript.

    if (paused == true) {


    else if (paused == false) {