Contradicting Hints in Physics Documentation

in the physics documentation the following is often stated as a HINT:
If you are moving an object through its Transform component but you want to receive Collision/Trigger messages, you must attach a Rigidbody to the object that is moving.

But in other places it is strongly advised that if you move a Rigidbody using its Transform it should be set to Kinematic.

The two statements contradict each other, since the Hint does not specifically say to set the isKinematic option. What is even more strange is that according to the collision matrix Kinematic objects only get collisions form Rigidbody objects and not from static objects (according to the documentation). Thereby limiting it use as stated above for Collision messages.

Therefore I dont understand what the HINT is suggesting.


Maybe my grasp on the English language is not as firm as yours, but a omission is not a contradiction…

Anyways, the Hint is suggesting, that you need a RigidBody component on an object moved through its Transform component, if you want that object to be seen by triggers or colliders.