Contribution Help (my first Contribution)

When I firstly opened the game (yesterday), the game was working good but I felt for something the environment. The changes by me are as below:-

  1. There was whole white terrain, so I clicked some pictures of grass and mountain (from a environment book) and painted then on terrain.

  2. The two trees in the scene used mesh colliders, so for the sake of optimization, I added a box collider for it.

  3. The player was animationless, so I am currently working on its idle and run animation, which will be ready by a day or two.

So, are these things ok @cirocontinisio . If yes, what things am I supposed to do now?
(This is my very first contribution).

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Hey there! The project is still at the very beginning, so a lot of things are going to happen much further ahead in time. As in any project, you always start simple, figure out the basics and then slowly build up. That’s why the terrain is simple white for now, because it’s not a priority for that first stage we are at. However it has now entered the stage of Whiteboxing, where rough shapes as simple as… white boxes are created, in order to get a sense of scale and the overall environment/obstacles. You can find the thread link here where you could join the discussion and post any questions. You can also take a look at the Level Design thread since this is where we have been discussing about the map if that’s something that interests you. The basic animations of the player are currently being made by the Unity team, but you can always take a look at the roadmap here and see where else you could contribute: any card that has a black Unity icon is assigned to the Unity’s team and if it’s blue it is for the community to work on. However, no one actually tells you not to do anything, so if something is already being worked on but you still want to go through the process yourself, that’s still a great way to learn.

Keep in mind you can always keep up with the project and have many questions answered live by joining the biweekly livestreams! You can find the first one here. There are going to be many more tasks ahead so stay tuned :)

One from Main task of this project - it's a collaboration work in big teams (currently in project involved near 900 peoples).
Based on it, it's demanding to follow described rules and procedures for creating and implementing changes.