Control child of an duplicated object in script

I have a problem which I think is very simple, but I have no idea what to do with it
I have an First Person Controller object with many children objects. I’m making my game to have coop, so for this I use Network.Instantiate for creating the second object from it. the name of second object will become First Person Controller(Clone), but the name of children won’t change.
so I Have something like these two:

Main: First person controller,

Child: weapon

Main: First person controller(Clone),

Child: weapon

so the question is, how can I control the child of one object using C# script?
I want to control the weapon of First Person Controller(Clone)
sorry if I made it long

Hum, I don’t really understand your problem, but i think you can do somethings like that :

GameObject weaponClone = myFPSControllerClone.transform.FindChild("weapon").gameObject;

You can access to childs of a GameObject througth is transform component.

If this is not a solution for you, please past the code where you instantiate the FPSController…