Control inputs change after build,Why control inputs change after building game?

I’m having a strange issue. For example I have two input elements for “Fire 1”, the first element corresponds with K/M controls, while the second “Fire 1” element corresponds with Gamepad controls. After I build my game and start it up as a standalone my “Fire 1” K/M inputs have been replaced with my gamepad inputs, thus leaving me with two sets of the gamepad inputs. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

I wonder it it is because a built game can only use one input system but that doesnt seem right to me. Are your input elements names distinct between the gamepad and mouse? If not i would try to make the names different and have a class that gets both inputs and then outputs it to where you call it.

I figured it out. Previous changes I had made inside of the configuration tab had been written to the registry of my windows machine (library for mac). Once I found the input changes inside the registry and deleted them everything was fine. Visiting the description of player preferences below and understanding that when preferences are deleted from the local machine everything would revert back to default did it for me. I do not recommend messing about in the registry much tho, as deleting the wrong thing could cause system instability, only use if you know exactly what your looking for.

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