Control line/trail transparency near surfaces

Is there a way to control the ‘fade near surface’ effect for trail renderers?

I have a situation where trails are being rendered just above the surface of another object. The problem is, I don’t seem to have control over the transparency of the line/trail when it is close to the surface. It is getting faded out by some ‘fade near surface’ mechanic which doesn’t seem to take into account the width of the line being rendered.

The image below shows the problem, the transparency dips drastically on the right edge. It would be fine if it did this just to the thick line, but it happens equally to both regardless of line width.

I’m having the same problem now. Did you ever figure it out?

You’re observing a “soft particles” shader in action. To avoid this feature, you can use a material which does not use a soft particle shader. Alternately, you can modify an original soft-particles shader to fine-tune its behavior.