Control Rotation via Touchscreen on iPad?

Hello, i’ve developed a project where i used a sphere to lay a texture on it. on a Computer, the user would rotate the Sphere (to see the different pictures on the sphere) using the standard WASD layout. To reset the Sphere, i’ve bound a reset function to the Z button. And for a little automatic Rotation, i’ve bound the button R to a function making the sphere rotate a fixed amount of degrees around the X-Axis.

My Question is the following :

How do i make viable control mechanism’s for the iPad? i’m talking about touchscreen navigation here.

any help is appreciated

So, one, you need Unity IOS to build to iPhone iPad, if id did not need any extension for IOS a month ago that would have been because you were in your 30 day trail version.

Unity IOS is 400 bucks.

The script you are looking for is not hard to do. How I did it I looked at the Input documentation for IOS, There you will find a Input.GetTouch script that moves an object according to touch. That script is easily converted to a rotation script by changing the Translate to Rotate and maybe changing some of the axis around.

Let me know if that is what you were looking for.