Control the unscripted GameObject

Hai, i just want to know, can i make a GameObject via script then controlled that GameObject (such as moving or rotation)? thanks

Yes, you can create a GameObject. If you store a reference (by setting the GO you created as a variable), then you have full access to that GO. You can create empty ones, and you can also pass in an argument to the constructor to create a prefab. If you do that, you will have access to all the script components (as well as all other components - rigidBody, etc) which belong to that prefab.

The docs are your friend, see here for an explanation and example. Before you ask basic questions such as this, do some searching in the manual and here.

Edit: So if you want to rotate that GameObject, you might do something like this:

void CreateObject()
  GameObject cube = GameObject.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType.Cube);
  cube.transform.rotation = myDesiredRotation;

Like I said, if you look at the link I posted, you will see a ton of examples, showing you how to create and manipulate gameObjects.