Control Track causes massive FPS drop when the clip is on "HOLD"?

I'm using the control track to control my particles inside the timeline, and it's really useful in sequencing, but one thing that bothers me when doing this is when I want the control track to play longer and it reaches the HOLD wrap and the whole game lags from there. Here's how it affects the performance:

Normally the FPS is around 300fps.
And this is how it looks like when it reaches the HOLD on clip.

I'm using 2018.2.0f2 but unable to upgrade to the latest version due to problems with the new prefab workflow.

Thankfully this doesn't happen in game mode, but still... It would be great if this is already fixed in the latest version.

I see the same thing. In my case, it is not only in hold state. Some animations make the frame drops and animation plays slowly. It does not happen in game mode.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to repro with a simple project, can you open an issue with an attached repro for us to investigate? thanks!

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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to repro with a simple project, can you open an issue with an attached repro for us to investigate? thanks!

Sure, I’ll make one together with the Particle Prefab I’m using soon.
Another thing I noticed from my screenshot was the huge increase of Tris and Verts when it reaches the HOLD state, I assume these are from the particle I’m controlling.

Anyway, some info about the prefab (this might help while I’m making repro)
It’s from the Unity Particle Pack named “BigExplosion.prefab”
And the particle prefab has children and sub-emitters.

Also seeing it using a control track to control my particles on timeline, not Hold only. Using 2018.3. I drop to about 2 fps.

I'm not using any prewarm stuff, so odd it's there.


We are having exactly the same issue, but for us, it also happen in the build
Developing for Oculus QUEST with unity 2019.2.18f1

There is a fix for this coming in timeline version 1.2.12.

Will this fix be coming to unity 2019.2? I'm only seeing Timeline 1.1.0 in the package manager...

I believe it requires 2019.3.

Issue link for anyone wanting to follow along:

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