Control word-wrap or truncate, per- line/paragraph/page

What I have right now is a single TMP text control that is an in-game tooltip, with a lot of text in it with complex inner formatting using rich text tags. The issue is, I really want certain lines to be truncated if they do not fit the tooltip width, not word-wrapped (but all other parts excluding these lines, to be word wrapped).

Potentially Really Long Unit Name that should be trunc...
General description in potentially several sentences here. These
Weapon 1: Potentially Long weapon name here that should trunc...
Details about weapon 1 of variable size that wordwraps if it
needs to

Breaking this apart into multiple tmp text controls in my code is something i'd really really like to avoid here, but i don't know if there is any other option. In particular I would really not enjoy having to solve the problem of properly laying them out and dynamically adding the right number of them.

Is this a situation others have found a way to deal with?

Maybe there is a way to perform truncation myself? But the problem there is, it would need to actually parse and understand all the tags (they are everywhere, and i am often adjusting the size and line-height too).

Anyone with any feedback/help on this topic would be Greatly appreciated.