Controllable ball is ricocheting off mesh collider at high speeds.

Hey guys.

I have a ball that is controllable using AddForceAtPosition. That part works fine. However, if the ball is still moving forward, with or without a key press, and the ball is in a hole (hole is part of an imported model) and I were to jump (which is done by another AddForce) and nick the edge of the hole the ball will launch itself at high speeds. Feels like it ricochets in the opposite direction. Jumping works fine on flat surfaces and running into a wall and jumping into a wall works fine. But not the hole.

No physics materials are on any objects. The imported model with the hole has a mesh collider on it. It bounces whether there is a rigidbody on that model or not. Any other information needed from me, I’ll get it for you.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Maybe the model itself?

Well, I fixed it. I started to move on with the game and found it was doing the same thing with a lot of objects, not just the hole I had initially thought. So I put the AddForce for the jump function in Update instead of FixedUpdate. And BAM. Problem solved.