Controller input sluggish on menus.

My main menu in my game currently can response to KB, Mouse, and controller input. I want the user to be able to switch at any time. My menus work well with kb and mouse no problem, but with the joystick, the input only seems to go though every 2-3 seconds.

I can hold the stick up or down, it will eventually cycle though the menu rapidly, but tapping the stick up or down to go one level takes a few seconds of spamming the stick.

I’ve tried multiple controllers, cpus, and projects, all same result.

Does anyone have any input on what could be causing this?

Images of my input manager and event system.
Here’s a dropbox link to the build, maybe I’m crazy.

Here’s an empty project where I recreated the issue.

the only thing I can think of is, maybe the gravity on the controller button/Axis is too low.
you can change it in unity’s Input manager thing.

I haven’t taken a look quite yet, but are you using GetAxis() for the menu inputs or GetAxisRaw()? GetAxisRaw is generally much more immediately accurate for controller input and, while it isn’t necessarily the problem in this case, could potentially be causing such symptoms, especially if the requirement to cycle through menu options is a full value of -1 or 1 on the axis.