Controller/keybord inputs delay/not responding

Hi guys,

I got a strange bug with my controllers. My game is playable with both keyboard and xbox 360 controller. Everything is ok but it seems like there is (sometimes) a delay between the input and the action in game. Sometimes, the action doesn’t even appear. That’s a lot frustrating…

All my movements and inputs are done in a FixedUpdate(), and I even placed those codes at the top of “script execute order”.

Does anyone got an idea about the origine of this problem ?

I know this is late (its 2015), but the problem would be that your input is in FixedUpdate() - you should split your code up so that the input is done in Update(), because Update() runs more frequently per second, which means it will get the input quicker than FixedUpdate(), which will sometimes register the input a couple frames slower than Update().