Controller Stuck on Slope Walls

I’m in a quite awkward problem here.

My Character controller moves up and down slopes with no problem, but if he touches any wall while going up the slope (f.e. a staircase wall) it get’s stuck and sticks to the wall.

It happens only when going up, never down or straight. Radius: 0.5, Height: 2, Skin Width: 0.3 (and changes nothing).

Anything…? O_o

Aaand still no answer.
As I noticed, it’s a problem with all First Person Controllers on my map model - it’s a Collada file (made in SketchUp). If I place two, stretched cubes to imitate a slope and a wall on it’s side, it seems to be working fine.

Is there something wrong with SketchUp models? (if yes, what exactely?)