Controllers with transfered animations don't play.


I'm having issues after using bidirectional transfer where the transforms for the controllers appear in the animation clip but are not playing unless I remove the avatar from the animator. Then it's only the controllers that play the walk animation.

The character uses Generic animation type and "Create From This Model" for it's avatar definition. The animation clip is a copy of the one from the character's fbx.

The end goal is to have the feet animation on the controllers and restrict their Y position to prevent them from going through the ground.

Thank you in advance for the help.


Hi @simonbz or @Jebtor
Would I need two identical animator components for this, one using the character avatar and one for the animation rigging controllers?

Hey @Ward_L ,

Do you have any errors showing up in the console when you’re playing your animated hierarchy with an avatar? We fixed bugs a while back related to the avatar not updating with animated constraints, so it might be related: link.

Try updating to a newer version of Unity to see if this fixes your issue.

As for your workaround of removing the avatar, this works because internally the Animator is regenerating an avatar on its own and thus providing all animation bindings required for your new animated channels.

If updating to a newer version of Unity doesn’t fix it (or if you were already using a newer version), please, log us a bug using the Unity bug reporter and we’ll have a look.

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I’m using Unity 2021.1.10f1 Personal.
I did not mange to replicate the bug. But recreating the ik constraint setup fixed my issue.
Thank you for the reply.