Controlling child particle systems duration

Hello, everyone, I am currently working on some special effect.

The problem is simple, I want to control all child particle systems through the parent “Electric Blast”. Not controlling everything, but just duration of lifetime.
This is because, I will further adding more and more particle system in this group. If I change the duration of lifetime (or other component), it will be quite tedious.

So, I write a simple code and attached to the parent (Electric Blast).

	public Component[] children;
	void Start (){
		children = GetComponentsInChildren<ParticleSystem>(); 

	void Update(){
		foreach (ParticleSystem childParticleSystem in children){
			var main = childParticleSystem.main;
			main.duration = 10.0f;


What I expected is I can change the duration of every children by simply changing the number in this script.

Sure, it doesn’t work, the duration of child changed but the animation doesn’t play. Thus I am seeking any suggestion how to do it correctly. (Updated)

Great thanks for any ans.
Bests and cheers.

Updata() ?

Don’t you mean Update?