Controlling text speed

I want to know if it’s possible to have text from a GUI.Label print on the screen at a speed I can adjust from a variable. For example, I want it to look like when you’re talking to a NPC in Pokemon.
If anyone can point me to a tutorial or explain this to me in JS, I’d appreciate it.

I think you mean autotyper. Here is a script from

    var letterPause = 0.2;
    private var word;
    function Start () {
    	word = guiText.text;
    	guiText.text = "";
    	TypeText ();
    function TypeText () {
    	for (var letter in word.ToCharArray()) {
    		guiText.text += letter;
    		yield WaitForSeconds (letterPause);

You can adjust the speed with letterPause variable. It waits that amount of time and then writes next letter.