contuouse collision detection malfunction

hi . i need help with an old problem of mine .

1-make a wall.

2-make a bullet with box collider with fast speed that move towards wall.

3-bullet will pass from wall usually.somtime hit the wall,
somtimes ignore wall , in more speed it always ignore wall!!!

i checked and changed all of this :

1-physics options.

2-collider rigid body options .

3-collison detections(discrete, continuous collision ,continuous dynamic).

no change :frowning:

i know that this issue most solve with continuous collision detection ,but not worked for me .

[771-ScreenHunter_60+Apr.+30+15.12.png|771]Simple problem. At fast speed, let’s say you have 500m/s with 50fps we have 10m/f

at t=0 pos.x =0

at t=1 pos.x = 10

at t=2 pos.x = 20 and so on

The movement is discrete. In between the bullet does not go. So if you are behind a wall and someone is shooting at you, this way the bullet does not collide with the wall but right before and after. So yuo get killed and it is wrong-

Use raycast instead or try to set your rigibody collision to continuous or continuous dynamic.

Regarding bullets, the best way is to not use physics for the bullet but rather throw a raycast. If it is really high-speed, the player will not see it. So why bother creating a bullet?

If this bullet is spinning and stuff

Just add a random (but small) angle to the raycast direction.