Conversion to XNA.

Is it possible to convert projects to be compatible with Microsoft XNA for Xbox 360? I am aware that Unity is C++ and XNA is C#, but is there any way to make them compatible? I am a complete n00b when it comes to coding, but isn’t there similarities between them that make it relatively easy to convert? Or does Unity need to be completely rewritten in C#.

There are a bunch of recent articles about how XNA is now dead – microsoft announced they are stopping support(?) Also, what’s the difference between the Unity XBox build and an XNA XBox game?

But: Unity uses C# (not C++, athough maybe internally) or javascript. Any logic-type stuff should be the same – for example, the code to play a board game.

The tricky parts are that XNA does much less for you. You’d have to add the camera matrix code, and code to draw everything. Write or find your own collision library (maybe have everything just use spheres.) Anything stored in a scene or prefab would have to be put in a file or something.

Owen is right, XNA is dead.

The code you write in Unity doesn’t matter. It converts it to communicate with whatever deployment platform you want. So to deploy to the XBox 360, you would just need the XBox 360 export package (although you’d need to purchase it first).