Conversion warning: has translation animation. It is not supported

I’m trying to set up a looping walk cycle from Blender in Mecanim. It appears to be fine but I’m getting this alert in the console:

MuscleClip 'Prototype’conversion warning: ‘metarig/Hips_Main/Hips/Leg_Upper_L’ has translation animation. It is not supported.

Like I said, the animation appears to have been imported accurately but what exactly is this alert trying to tell me?

Hi guys, the solution I found for this was to force the baking of my animation in maya ( I dont know about blender or anything, but I imagine you can do that too). Basically don’t rely on the baking done when you export you FBX. I was using Maya’s Human IK and I found that as soon as I backed the animations from my controllers to my bones, I was fine. It kind of sucks, since this means you will constantly need to animate, bake, export, and undo once its exported in order to keep your animations on your controllers. But i’m sure there’s a way to write up a script and automate this.

I hope this helps!

import the fbx, (or your original rig) and remove all “location” and “scale” keyframes from all bones except your root bone. re-import and set to humanoid with DOF enabled.

That worked for me. A bit cumbersome though.