Convert a Java open source project to Unity C#?

I have found a really interesting Java project here:

and I would love to be able to mess around with this is unity - but problem is of course its written in Java, and has many differences from unity C# (and more so from unityscript) so I am wondering if there is any “best method” of getting from java to C#, and because it rely’s on some java methods that work different in C#, is it going to cause a big headache? What are your thoughts on this you unity pro’s? Can it be done?

Some parts don’t seem too far from unity’s C#:

boolean isPixelSolid(int x, int y) {
    if (x > 0 && x < img.width && y > 0 && y < img.height)
      return img.pixels[x + y * img.width] != color(0,0);
    return false; // border is not solid

Oh and I am not opposed to alternative suggestions to get to the same effect in unity, the Destruction of pixels like demonstrated on that webpage…

There’s actually not that many differences between java and C#… The syntax is almost exactly the same. The biggest differences are the built-in systems (Java has a much better selection of built-in collections classes than C# does, for example).

The best method for this would probably just be to copy/paste each class into a new C# class in Unity and just start going through them, correcting errors. There will likely be a lot, but it shouldn’t take too long, considering you’re converting languages, lol.