Convert Component To Actual Type

Hi, im trying to convert a Component to its actual System.Type. Ive tried a number of things, but cant find the proper way to do this. I thot this would work, but doesnt

print(com.GetType());//Prints the actual type
var childCom=GetComponentsInChildren.<com.GetType()>(); //This throws syntax error

i also tried storing the GetType() return in a variable typed as System.Type, but that throws an error that myVariable does not denote a valid type.

Kinda stuck on this one, your help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

This appears to work for me:

 var t : Component = this;
 var tt: Component[];
 tt = GetComponentsInChildren( t.GetType() );

I believe you need to use an actual typename in <> sets (as in, it can’t be something determined at runtime).