Convert fbx model to gameobjet

For my game I am fetching 3d objects from online server. So I receive fbx object as imported file.
So at runtime I want to use this file in game. I need some suggestion to convert this fbx object model into unity gameobject.

Means I need some code to convert this file so that I can use it in actual game.
Please give some suggestion in this. If you have any other way then mention that also.

You would be better of storing the model as obj. Fbx has the animation but there is no runtime parser for fbx that I know of.

With obj, you would grab the text file from server, parse it using

Then you need to add a mesh filter, a renderer, connect those together, add the newly created mesh from the parser to the mesh filter, add a material, parse the material info and fetch the matching shader and apply to material.

All in all, you simply parse the file to get the info, create the item via AddComponent and aply the data. That may sound complex, it is actually simple.

WWW www new WWW(url);
yield return www;
string text = www.text
ObjImporter importer = new ObjImporter();
Mesh mesh = importer.ImportFile(text);
GameObject obj = (GameObject)Instantiate(prefab); // Prefab already contains all components
obj.GetComponent.<MeshFilter>().mesh = mesh;